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In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the key to staying ahead isn't just about having a solid strategy; it's about ensuring your team is equipped to execute it.

Matt Hahne

Founder & CEO of Launching Leaders

Challenges Facing Today’s Business Owners

Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting arises when employees feel undervalued and start doing the bare minimum.

Hybrid Work

Hybrid work combines remote and office environments, demanding a new level of flexibility.

Performance Management

Measuring and managing team performance is crucial to health and success of your business.

Employee Engagement & Retention

Keeping employees engaged, especially in remote settings, is increasingly complex.

What is


The Supervisor Playbook is a dynamic, comprehensive program designed to transform supervisors and managers into outstanding leaders who drive exceptional business results.

Our program is available now for IN-PERSON workshops. If you want to bring The Supervisor Playbook™ into your organization, sign up for a workshop OR contact us to schedule workshops.

Ready to Transform Your Leadership Team?

We are a community for managers and supervisors, built to give the tools, training and support needed to become Master Leaders.

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