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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a community for managers, supervisors & professional leaders, providing tools and support on the path to mastery! We’re helping individuals become amazing leaders and transforming management teams all over the world.

The challenges facing today’s leaders are immense. Business owners & senior leadership have big ambition and are expecting their management teams to drive results.

The problem, in many cases, is that those managers have never received the training or frameworks needed to lead effective teams.

We’re solving that problem by providing instantly usable tools, which can be immediately brought into an organization’s day to day operations, as well as hands on training for how to implement these tools, so that they last forever.

Supervisors, if you want to improve your leadership skills and transform your team, Launching Leaders is right for you.

Advance your career, gain lifelong skills, and get access to our community filled with resources and expert support.

Launch your leadership journey today!

This 4-hour training intensive is designed to improve those who are actively in supervisory and managerial roles, as well as those who are in leadership positions within an organization.

Context is king! Our in-person training intensives are designed to provide highly effective practices and modern context in the most efficient and meaningful ways, so that our leaders are leaving with tools they can immediately put to work.

Our workshops are always:

  • Fresh and contemporary, addressing today’s challenging leadership situations.
  • Instantly usable. No follow-up courses or multiple days of training needed.
  • Presented in a memorable, interactive way that lasts. This course has a stickiness to it.
  • Filled with resources! Attendees will get a workbook jammed with simple and useful content, AND will receive access to all of our active online community materials.

We’ve created a unique opportunity for business owners and senior leaders to invest in your management teams, through training, resources, networking opportunities, and more.

Each team member who attends a Launching Leaders workshop will receive the following:

  • Enrollment in our world wide Launching Leaders community
  • Instant access to Leadership Workshops materials
  • Invitations to special Launching Leaders webinars & networking events.
  • Access to our monthly leadership office hours, provided by Launching Leaders facilitators


Sign your team up to transform the leadership skills within your organization.

Get Your Leadership Dream Team.

Request a free consultation with me to learn how your business can benefit from the Supervisor Playbook.

We are a community for managers and supervisors, built to give the tools, training and support needed to become Master Leaders.

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