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Better Leadership: Finding the Balance Between Assertiveness and Empathy

In the ever-evolving landscape of business management, the old belief that every manager must be tough-as-nails is rapidly becoming outdated. The modern workplace calls for a balance between assertiveness and empathy, recognizing that the needs of a team can vary dramatically from one day to the next.


Understanding Your Team’s Needs

The key to effective management isn’t about maintaining a rigid style of leadership; it’s about adaptability and awareness. Being self-aware and emotionally intelligent allows you to gauge the mood and needs of your team effectively. There are days when your team might require a more nurturing approach, and if nurturing isn’t your strongest suit, it doesn’t mean you can’t lead effectively. It means adapting your style or bringing in support to meet your team’s needs.

For instance, not every situation requires a firm hand. Sometimes, simply leading with empathy can be more effective. Acknowledging a team member’s struggles with a simple “That sounds really challenging” can open up lines of communication and foster a more supportive environment.


Striking the Right Balance

Being too assertive all the time isn’t just unnecessary; it can be counterproductive. The best managers are those who know when to push and when to pull back, adapting their management style to the situation at hand. It’s about reading the room—using phrases like “It seems like” or “I’m feeling that” to encourage feedback and ensure that your perceptions align with reality. This approach not only makes your team feel valued but also encourages a more collaborative and responsive working environment.

A practical tip for managers is to let silence do the heavy lifting during discussions. Pose a challenge or observation and give your team the space to respond. For example, saying, “It seems you’re hesitant about this project deadline,” and then pausing allows your team to express their true concerns or confirm your intuition.


Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Understanding the emotional climate of your workplace is crucial. Asking your team how they’re feeling or what the ‘weather’ of the room is like can provide insights into the team’s morale and productivity. Being attuned to these emotional cues allows you to adjust your approach—whether it needs more warmth or more drive.


Transform Your Management Style with The Supervisor Playbook™

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