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Matt Hahne

Launching Leaders, Founder

I help businesses and their leadership teams solve root problems, lead more effectively, and gain clarity in their businesses through the simple, and proven supervisors playbook.


New Orleans, LA

Santa Barbara, CA

24-Year Navy Officer

Crisis/Emergency Manager

Authentic! (Clients’ most-used descriptor of me)

Family Business Specialist


Matt is a high-energy Certified EOS Implementer®, and entrepreneurial owner on his fourth through sixth businesses. He is passionate about his Core Focus: make every day better by making work suck less. His goal is to affect 1,000,000 leaders, that go on to grow other leaders. He does this with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) — a complete system of simple tools with proven results and his Launching Leaders® program.

Matt started his entrepreneurial career at age seven, selling day-old potato chips and fresh meats at a flea market on Chicago’s south side. After graduating from a maritime college and sailing the world as both a U.S. Navy Officer and a civilian Merchant Mariner, Matt spent 30+ years in the high-risk maritime industry, honing his rapid decision-making skills in emergency and critical situations. He retired from 24 years of Navy Reserve duty that included command of two different units, and a recall to active duty as the Interim Port Director, Haiti after their devastating earthquake. Matt led diverse commercial teams around the globe (Egypt, Shanghai, and the Middle East) and has led his own businesses; currently he is running businesses four through six.

Now, as a reformed workaholic, Matt’s passion is re-focused on helping fellow business owners reclaim their time, while improving profits and strengthening their businesses. His newest venture – Launching Leaders® — is a passion project to make every day better by making work amazing for everyone!

Why You Need the Supervisor Playbook


get Better results from your team now. 


increase your team’s productivity


empower your team TO MAKE GREAT DECISIONS


attract AND KEEP the right EMPLOYEES 

What is


The Supervisor Playbook is a dynamic, comprehensive program designed to transform supervisors and managers into outstanding leaders who drive exceptional business results.

Our program is available now for IN-PERSON workshops. If you want to bring The Supervisor Playbook™ into your organization, sign up for a workshop OR contact us to schedule workshops.


Hear it directly from transformed businesses.

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Companies Using the Supervisors Playbook



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How to Develop Effective Supervisors Without Wasting Time or Money

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